Pen Testing - I'm looking for a tool(s) to help automate the information gathering component of BB testing.

I was hoping I could get some direction on automating the manual processes during the information gathering phase.  
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Use Nessus from Tenable:
And you can use it for free, the only catch is that in the free version new plugins are delayed by 7 days.

fly-fastAuthor Commented:
Ya I hear you Power...  But, I'm looking for a mechanism to automate the more mundane tasks of a pen test.

Have you automated?  Mind posting one of your reports without client data?  I'm looking to get a feel on how others format... etc..  
fly-fast, no we haven't. Why? Because a pen test just gives a lat of technical gibberish which has to be interpreted to determine the risk level and be translated to something which is understandable by management. And I don't see this happening automatically in the future. IT Sec consultants still have to earn their pay ;-)
So, I don't believe in it, except for structural and continuous basic testing and reporting. I would not call this penetration testing, rather automated vulnerability assessment.
There is an interesting article on this at SANS:
It is only one of the possible security layers.
If you need some such a tool: Core Security has their Core Impact product:
This is also described in the SANS article.
But don't put all your trust in such tools. There is still a lot of manual (and brain) work to be done.


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