Personal quicklaunch toolbar, language bar, etc is displayed 2 times in taskbar

Some of our users on our Citrix farm have problems with their toolbars in the taskbar. It is displayed twice with the same icons and related to the same source.

Examples are the quicklaunch and language toolbar is displayed multiple times. Users can disable one of these bars but after a while the problemes returns.

On some sites this probleem is related with an upgrade form metaframe xp to metaframe 4.0. But the real cause of the problem and an structural solution isn't given.

My question is if other people are familiar with this problem, if they found the cause of the problem and if they have a solution.
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I've seen this before with users who have roaming profiles and are logging into both Window 2000 and 2003 servers (or after an upgrade from 2000 to 2003).  I don't know the cause either and have just recreated the roaming profiles for the users.  If they continue to log into both server versions i believe the problem would come back, but if they are no longer using W2K the new profile should fix it.

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We had the same issue with two taskbars.
The same user on the same server. Once it displayed taskbars correctly, the next time there were multiple language bars.
There is a hotfix from Microsoft available for this:
conradbraberAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the solutions. I didn't think anyone else had te problem. I will install the hotfix and get back to you on the result.
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