Setting BackColor of ToolStrip

I have a ToolStrip in a VB2005 WinForm app. When I place it on the Form, it has the nice blue gradient color with a 3D effect. If I look at the BackColor property at this point in time it is set to "Control". I then programmatically set its BackColor to Red. The ToolStrip correctly turns Red. I then programmatically set its BackColor back to 'Control". Instead of it going back to the blue gradient 3D look, it turns Gray and looks flat (does not have the 3D look), How can I get it to revert back to its original color and 3D look?
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VelioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try setting it to Color.Empty instead of SystemColors.Control
What is the render mode set at for the toolstrip menu?

Hi, just change the rendermode to system and then choose your backcolor.  That's all.  Good luck
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SETPAuthor Commented:
REA_ANDREW: The render mode is at its default: ManagerRenderMode. Just in case, I've tried setting the RenderMode back to ManagerRenderMode after changing the color in case the RenderMode was changing by itself, but this didnt help. I tried all possible RenderModes.

VELIO: I tried setting the color to Color.Empty but it made no difference.

You can try this by simply dropping a ToolStrip on a WinForm, and in your code changing the BackColor to Red. Then try to get it back to normal - not simple.
SETPAuthor Commented:
Oops, made a big mistake!!! Sorry Velio, your solution actually worked! Thanks
cool, glad i could help :)
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