Windows Server 2003 x64 Standard and x32 (Downgrade?)

I have a server with a Windows Server 2003 x64 Standard and plan to buy a software from a company that only runs on x32. Can I downgrade my software to an x32 version?
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Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
There is no downgrade - you cannot upgrade or downgrade between 64 and 32 bit versions.
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Have you actually tried if the software runs on the x64 version? x64 emulates x32 (like x32 could emulate the 16bit DOS environment), so most x32 programs will still run on x64.
angel17Author Commented:
I will have no problem to reinstall it if required but do i have to buy a new server license? The company with the new software (the only one of its kind :( ) denies to try it under x64.
yes you have to buy a new server licence as well.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You MAY have to buy a new server license.  IT depends on how you licensed it.  If you licensed it through an Volume License program, then you should have downgrade rights (that is, you can wipe and reinstall the 32 bit at no charge).  If this is OEM, then you do not have the right to do that, you need a new license.  What might be simpler (and provide a host of advantages in backup and recovery) is to install Virtual Server and run a new 32 bit version in a virtual machine.

Also note: companies like to say "we don't support 64 bit" or "we don't support virtual machines".  Strictly speaking, that usually means they will not help you if you have problems, BUT, it probably works just fine.  (However, that said, support for software that will be heavily used in your business is something you should consider very carefully and almost certainly make sure you install it as they want you to).
Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
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