"CLI has stopped working"

Seems like this problem occurs with certain combinations of php,vista and som dev tools.

Havent had any success in the link below.

Anyone else with experience of this?

If not, how to turn off PHP's CLI? (command line interface)

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hernst42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It's a bug in the mysqllibs. Couldn't find the link at bugs.php.net for this. Upgrading the delivered libmysql.dll with a very current version from www.mysql.com should also solve the problem with the latest version og php.
davidsperlingAuthor Commented:
Seems like I've solved the problem. Found the info elsewhere that you could downgrade the php_mysqli.dll to the version found in PHP 5.2.4. Works fine so far (5 min ;-)

Any better ideas?

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