Runtime loaded images dosn't show inside an html

My runtime loaded images in a swf dosent show when i put the file inside a html page. But it works perfektly when i open it localy outside Dreamweaver. When i test my file localy from Dreamweaver i just se the boks and whats drawn directly on the sceen in flash, not the loaded images. But when i try to open it from the server, i just dont see anything. Nothing at all..

 I also can not open the directly from its position on the server ina browser.
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Aneesh ChopraCommented:
Try follwoing tips:

external images which Flash is loading, should be on same server, and use relative path for loading instead of complete absolute path.

Keep SWF and html both in same folder.
when you embed SWF which is not in html folder, SWF folder reference changes to html folder.. hence to avoid confusion, keep SWF and HTML in same folder.

Aneesh Chopra
sivkhAuthor Commented:
Thank you, now it works localy. But i still can't see anything on the web. Do you have any clue way that is? I implementet the swf file into the html whit the regular insert flash content in Dreamweaver.
I *think* that when a Flash movie runs from a web page, Flash uses the url differently than to when it's on your local machine.  There is a property in Flash called _url which I've noticed does give different results and is used to tell Flash exactly where the images are.  It's been a long while since I used it, but Aneesh is the best person to provide more info... :-)

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sivkhAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but it was a stupid mistake from my side. I did'nt se that Dreamweaver generated a jacascriptfile when i inserted the flash content, and because of that did not upload it to my server... Sorry! Now it works.
sivkhAuthor Commented:
But i also got it working whit som older codes, in combination whit what rouchie said about urls and image folder, so i'm giving the points to him. Thanks!
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