Embed a Flash file (SWF or FLA) into another


I would like to know if it were possible to embed into a Flash file (not just load at runtime) an other Flash movie (so the result will be a single file) and to interact with the embedded movie.
Ideally, the second file (the file to embed) will be in SWF format or - if necessary - we could get its FLA code.

For information (maybe it will cause some limitation), the main file (that will embed the other) will be compiled in Flash version 7 and the embedded one in Flash 9. The playback will be done with Flash Player 9.

Thanks in advance.
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Aneesh ChopraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I confirm that both of your requirement are not possible

An SWF can't be embedded inside another SWF/FLA as full working standalone SWF.
if you will try to import an SWF into the library of another SWF, only first frame of the SWF will be imported and thats also as graphic system, without actionscript code.

it is also not possible to run Flash player 9 file into Flash version 7 SWF, even if you load it externally using loadMovie or loadClip.
Flash player 9 file will not work properly.

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