Vista will not talk to Microsoft

I have, as a result of a system replacement, a brand new Vista Ultimate machine courtesy of Dell.  I de-installed the Trend Micro Internet Security and use only the Windows Firewall as I am behind my router SPI firewall.  My router is a Linksys WRT350N.  My anti-virus is Grisoft AVG (antivirus only).  

I've discovered that Vista will not connect to microsoft servers, specifically, Windows Update gives error code 80072EFE (though automatic background updates seem to be working), Windows Mail gives an error of 0x80042820 when trying to connect with Hotmail (will poll my POP3 accounts fine), Windows Live Messenger gives a error of 80048820 and an extended error code of 80048416 when trying to log in, and Windows Media Player will not connect to the upgrade server.

Also while I can navigate and see the and sites, I cannot sign in to my hotmail account through the site with I.E. 7.  I can sign in if I use Firefox.  It is as if all my Microsoft software will not talk to Microsoft.  No other problems with the internet other than that.  No problems with I.E. 7 other than that.

I have tried with the firewall turned off and still the same result.  Oddly, enough Outlook 2007 will sync with hotmail, but Windows Live Mail will not.  Never had this problem with XP pro.

I am stumped.  Can anyone help?  I'd like to be able to use Messenger and Windows Update if nothing else.
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Firstly, I would always recommend having a decent software firewall in place - The SP2 Firewall doesn't always cut it, and even though you're behind a hardware firewall it's still worth having.

Secondly - When you say you tried with the firewall off, do you mean the SP2 firewall, the hardware firewall, or both?
Was a certificate for Microsoft not accepted at some point?
JkherAuthor Commented:
When I turned off the Firewall, it was only the software Firewall.  I am running a clean install of Vista Ultimate.  As far as I know, there are no service packs applied or available for Vista as yet, so it is not a SP2 version.  In fact when I used an XP Pro machine (SP2), there was no problem with the OS and other Microsoft software performing similar operations (i.e. media player 11 for XP would download codecs without problems) using the same router (Linksys WRT350N).

I do not remember anything indicating a certificate was accepted or not. How can one check that in Vista?
It's still probably worth trying with no firewall on at all... Just as a check, to eliminate some kind of 'blocking' as the cause. Once you know it's definitely not that, then you can confidently move on to other possibilities!

Just give it a quick try with no firewall at all and see what happens!
JkherAuthor Commented:
Well, I guess this is one of those times technology behaves more like voodoo than machinery.  I had previously connected the machine directly to my cable modem (so literally no hardware firewall at all) with the software firewall off, and had no success.  

To try your suggestion, I just turned the router firewall off with the broswer configuration utility. Suddenly, all the Windows/OS apps could communicate.  I've now turned the SPI Firewall on with no extra web filtering and everything still works.  I now suspect that there may have been some web proxy filtering that got in the way.  

Interestingly, I was forced by a system replacement from Dell to go from XP to Vista on almost identical hardware.  My router has been working with the XP equivalent programs and utilities for the last two years.  Seems to be a change in the way Vista communicates with the internet.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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