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I have an application published on two Citrix PS4 servers. The application points to two application servers, of which the user can choose which one they connect to when they launch the app. Both servers (effectilvely Oracle database servers) are located in our HQ, except Server1 is a quad core G5 DL380, and Server 2is a Dual core G4.

We had some issues with the speed of the application over Citrix and I made some changes such as disabling client drive mapping.

Bizarrely, if users chose Server 2, then the application runs fine, however if they choose Server 1 we still sometimes experience slow issues.

Are there any tests I can run to find the source of the problem? If I RDP onto Server 1 then I never experience slowness, so it points to an issue with ICA.

Urgent, so assigning max points!
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Craig RoberdsConnect With a Mentor MISCommented:
Can you see anything in perfmon?  Is a lot of CPU or memory being used?  Do you have more than one application and if so does that application run slow also?  If you don't have more than one app can you publish a desktop and see if that connection is slow?  This will at least determine if it is the one app or the server itself.  I know you did an RDP but try through ICA and see if there is a difference.

Is one server running at a different color depth?  Is audio on one and not the other?  Screen savers on one server and not the other?  Print spooler?  Anything hung up in there?

It could be a lot of things, those are just the first I would try.  Brian Madden has a number of articles on slow connections:
kam_ukAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I did actually run multiple RDP tests this morning, and experienced the problem there, so it doesn't appear to be Citrix related, however the links you provided were extremely helpful!
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