Streamreader Codepage Problems

I'm having some problems with a text file i have received from a customer, that I need to load into a dataset with a Streamreader.

I have tried to use the Encoding object, but the streamreader still doesn't read special characters correctly.

If i open the textfile in Notepad and save it as Unicode, it does not seem to matter which Encoding i tell the streamreader to use, it comes in correctly regardless.

If i do not change the file in notepad, the same scenario applies, it does not seem to matter which encoding i use, it still comes in WRONG !  :(

Please excuse my ignorance, this is my first try with codepages and encoding, and im under deadline pressure. Sorry for lack of any important info, please ask me what need to be asked.

Thanks 1.000.000 in advance !

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ASCII is a 7-bit encoding and has not all characters.  You must discover what kind of  encoding has your file and tell the StreamReader. By default it uses UTF8Encoding.

StreamReader sr = new StreamReader("foo.txt",System.Text.Encoding.Default);

That will us your computer's regional settings to get the current code page, or figure out what code page is used for your file and specify it.

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jeschrperAuthor Commented:
Thank you for input. I am an idiot, problem caused by bad code :(
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