Looking for part information - Dell PV 132T

Have an out of warranty Dell Powervault 132T that is throwing a "Drive 1 Error - Check Drive" and is unable to complete its inventory... I am looking for the correct part number to order for a replacement Drive and the Dell site doesnt list it...

Anybody know?
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There is information here
Not sure if its what you are looking for, but it may point you in the right direction.
Having the Service Tag No may help in finding the info you require. Use it to do a Google search, you never know.
This page tells you how to locate it.
NickJPhillipsAuthor Commented:
I have the service tag number - but nothing comes back. Thanks!
It looks like there were three versions of that product - the original, the V2 and the V3.

The original unit had a 160 GB (compressed? native? - not specified on the site) SDLT drive.

The V2 had two different drive sizes: an LTO2  200/400 and an LTO2 100/200 (in GB, native/compressed).  

The V3 had an LTO3 drive of 400/800 GB capacity.

Looking at an aftermarket parts supplier site (http://www.9to5computer.com), I get some part numbers that are not in the same format as other' Dell numbers (which are usually ddd-dddd, where d=digit).  

I <think> Dell uses two part numbering systems: the ddd-dddd for Dell sourced parts and another for externally sourced parts.  The externally sourced part numbers <may> be in the form: dXddd where d=digit and X=upper case letter.  This is my guess and these numbers may be useful in your search:

for the original unit, the 160 GB SDLT drive is p/n is  2Y359 (on http://www.9to5computer.com)
the 200/400 LTO2 tape drive for the V2 is p/n   H4065 (on http://www.9to5computer.com)
the 100/200 LTO3 tape drive for the V2 is p/n   7Y244 (on http://www.9to5computer.com)

For the V3 version, with an LTO3 drive, a refurbished replacement drive is listed on the Dell site here:


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If you put the service tag number in the warranty section of the Dell support, you can choose the "Original System Configuration" tab and the list of parts it was shipped with should include the hard drive part #
Click on "Warranty status" on this page and then enter the service tag.
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