How to create a VLAN on my network

Hi all,
I have a network of about 500 nodes, I want to set up a location that people would connect to the internet but with no access to our private network at all. I guess I need to create a VLAN for those nodes. My question is how to do that and should I do it on the switch or on the firewall. We also have 2 routers that separate 2 different network we have on 2 different subnet. I only want to create the VLAN on of these network/subnets.

Thank you in advance
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Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:

you have to log on to the switch consol and choses to create vlans. its a menu driven interface and you can chose what ports you want to add to each Vlan.

you will probable want to tel net in to the switch our use the consol port..

Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
all a vlan does is in effect split a single switch up in to seperate switches.. but make sure there is no link from your vlan in router. (or if there is that the router wont forward the packets..)

Vlans are at layer 2 of the OSI. Subnets are at layer 3..

creating Vlans is jsut like adding more switchs to the network.. ports in the same vlan lan on the same switch can talk to eachother..

however if you have two switchs with the same vlan. they will not talk unless there is a connection between the switchs through ports on the same vlan. Or you enable a trunking port that can carry multply vlan traffic... (the traffic is still kept seperate to its own vlan accross trunks..

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