Login issue sending email (SMTP) with administrator account, Exchange 2003

I am using Exchange 2003 as my SMTP server.

Having setup pop3/smtp email under Outlook 2007 or Popcorn email client I am unable to authenticate as the administrator to send SMTP email.  I can use other user accounts to send email but not the administrator.

Funny is that I can pop the administrator email box using the same password but am unable to send mail.  It just prompts me for my password again under outlook and popcorn tells me that authentication was unsuccessful.

Any ideas as to why the administrator account is blocked from sending?

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James MontgomeryCommented:
Hello intercompute,

I would guess the permissions on the smtp virtual server have been set up to prevent this:

Although 2000 exchange article this explains the concept and should enable you to find the same in 2003:



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intercomputeAuthor Commented:
1 Create a new AD group called "POP3 Relay" or something similar.
2 Add all the users that you want to relay to this group. Exclude "administrator" and any other accounts that have easily guessed usernames - especially if the account is a domain admin.
3 Then go in to the SMTP virtual server, Access tab, then relay.
4 Click on the "users" button and add the group "POP3 Relay" to the list. **
5 Enable both "submit" and "relay" permissions.

**The button described exists but is grayed out in SBS 2003?? So I am unable to modify the list of users.
intercomputeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your fast response
intercomputeAuthor Commented:
It seems that having the administrator being able to send messages via smtp is considered a large security risk (just what I have read on various forums) because the username is easy to guess.

I would like to know more about what Microsoft considers as default users (those able to relay) without making a specific group of users.  So if anyone has this information please post.

Also, if anyone knows the difference between relay and submit permissions.
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