Passthrough not passing through


I want to ensure my processing is done one sql server as large table, I need to have a date range variable passed to the server to complete the select statement.

if i substitute the variable forms for real dates it works fine i just need to know how i can get the values in the two combox boxes to be put into the query.

please help as im guessing if i just design this as a regular query in access the whole delivery details table will be feteched and the processing done on the client
select patient_name, ship_to, Unit, Treatment, delivery_date, datename(day,delivery_date) as day, special_reason, Delivery_not_required, Quantity_required
From TBL_Delivery_details
Where (Delivery_date between ([forms!FRM_input for passthrough!combo3!]) And ([forms!FRM_input for passthrough!combo5]))
And Delivery_not_required = 0

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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
I'm having a vague memory that with a pass-through query you can't do parameters like that, and that you have to feed it into a vba string...

Dim qd as QueryDef
Set qd = "your_query_name"
qd.SQL = "SELECT blah blah blah FROM blah WHERE some_field=" & Forms!some_form_some_column & " and banana_count=" & gBananaCount

Set qd = Nothing
'Then, just run the pass-through query.

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slam69Author Commented:
I did have a brief look at doing it that way but was hoping it might be easier in putting it in a pass through like this as im struggling with the connection string ;oS
slam69Author Commented:
all sorted now
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
>im struggling with the connection string ;oS
Give this a whirl...

Thanks for the grade.  Good luck with your project.  -Jim
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