Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2005 (Reporting)

Hi experts

Both of the above products offer a report builder (VS2008 a version of Crystal Reports).
But when developing an application with those two tools, which reporting tool is better?
Crystal Reports Basic from VS2008 or the built in Report Builder from SQL Server 2005?
And is it correct that Crystal Reports Basic has to run on the client?

All I need to do is creating simple lists and invoices.

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digital_thoughtsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, part of the question is your deployment environment... With the report builder for SQL Server, you install reporting services on your server which uses IIS for a web interface and report generation. So in your application(s) you just use a report viewer control which displays the reports from reporting services from the server.
On Crystal, the report generation is done on the client that is running the report, as for you question on needing Crystal Reports Basic, I will look, but I don't think you need it on the client, just the libraries...
ArikaelAuthor Commented:

Would you say they are equal concerning features?
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