BaseClass TObject


Isn't the base class TObject just plain text, how can i get an example of the baseclass TObject?
And I try to find a picture in Delphi Help that displays the tree of all the classes.

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TObject is defined in System.pas
this is D2007 declaration:

  TObject = class
    constructor Create;
    procedure Free;
    class function InitInstance(Instance: Pointer): TObject;
    procedure CleanupInstance;
    function ClassType: TClass;
    class function ClassName: ShortString;
    class function ClassNameIs(const Name: string): Boolean;
    class function ClassParent: TClass;
    class function ClassInfo: Pointer;
    class function InstanceSize: Longint;
    class function InheritsFrom(AClass: TClass): Boolean;
    class function MethodAddress(const Name: ShortString): Pointer;
    class function MethodName(Address: Pointer): ShortString;
    function FieldAddress(const Name: ShortString): Pointer;
    function GetInterface(const IID: TGUID; out Obj): Boolean;
    class function GetInterfaceEntry(const IID: TGUID): PInterfaceEntry;
    class function GetInterfaceTable: PInterfaceTable;
    function SafeCallException(ExceptObject: TObject;
      ExceptAddr: Pointer): HResult; virtual;
    procedure AfterConstruction; virtual;
    procedure BeforeDestruction; virtual;
    procedure Dispatch(var Message); virtual;
    procedure DefaultHandler(var Message); virtual;
    class function NewInstance: TObject; virtual;
    procedure FreeInstance; virtual;
    destructor Destroy; virtual;

>>And I try to find a picture in Delphi Help that displays the tree of all the classes.

I've seen it in some book about Delphi but it's not accessible from IDE however you can go to Menu -> View -> Structure (Shift + Alt + F11) to see tree with classes in current unit


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Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Commented:
Object tree in PDF format, covers up to Delphi 5


peterkiersAuthor Commented:
I have a little difficulty to find out the diffirence between the term Object and Class? Can you explain it to me?

I think that TObject is a class: a collection of variabels, procedures and functions that belong together. But is not an object!

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>>I think that TObject is a class

yes, TObject is class but class is not same as object. objects are instances of class

in other words:

  anobject: TObject;
  Panel1: TPanel;

TObject is class, but >>anobject<< is object (of class TObject)
TPanel is class, but Panel1 is object (of class TPanel)

A class is like a templace for an object.  Sort of like a cookie cutter is used to create cookies of a spcific shape.  A class defines what an object will be.  When you call TClass.Create you then create an instance of that class which is referred to as an object.  It goes from being a template of an object to actually being a object.  Does that make sense to you?
object is something that you can create and destroy (Panel1 := TPanel.Create(); Panel1.Free).
class is declaration how instances (instances  = objects of class) behave and what properties they have.

I wish I could explain it better but my english sucks:)

Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Commented:
Yep, from the help file:

>> A class, or class type, defines a structure consisting of fields, methods, and properties. Instances of a class type are called objects. <<

Class is the definition, and an object is a created instance of that definition

peterkiersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info...


Peter Kiers
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