Red X displayed instead of picture.

I have a user that I just installed a new computer for with Office 2007 and whenever she gets an e-mail with a picture inbedded in the mail she gets a red X. But I installed my new pc the same day and I can view the same e-mail when she forwards the e-mails to me.
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Firstedition0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Following text taken from

Outlook contains a feature that requires manual action to download images in e-mails from other people. This protects you from loading images sent in a spam e-mail and providing confirmation to the spammer that they have really sent e-mail to a real e-mail address.

If you don't like this behavior, you can go to the security options in Outlook (Tools menu, Options, Security tab). Under "Download Pictures" press the "Change Automatic Download Settings..." button. Uncheck the first checkbox and all pictures will come through in e-mails from other people, no questions asked.

Another option is to leave the security settings the way they are and click on the strip at the top of an e-mail when you are reading it that informs you that Outlook did not download some of the pictures in the message. You will be able to manually load images in just the e-mails you want to see them in.
Try this
Make sure that there is a check next to Show Pictures under Contol Panel - Internet Options - Advanced Tab
raquadrosAuthor Commented:
The Show picture check box is checked. I unchecked it and restarted the machine and then rechecked it and rebooted again just to make sure and still all her e-mails have red X's for any graphics within the e-mail.
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Have a look here

scroll down to the next to last post, that may be your solution it is a registry edit.
raquadrosAuthor Commented:
I looked for that registry keey and it is not there. I did a find for it and still could not find it. I wish I could find it. I have spent alot of time doing research on this and just need to get this off my plate.
You can try this.
In Outlook
Click Tools, Trust Center, Automatic Downloads, uncheck where it says "Don't
download pictures automatically....", click Ok
This has worked in some cases, but just checked my outlook 2007 and the box IS checked. But as I have said it has worked for others.
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