Property Sheet Wizard Button Labelling


I'm writing an SDI application with a Wizard I've created using a Property Sheet and PropertyPages.

Is there a way, at runtime, to change the labelling of Next and Previous etc.

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alb66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

You can call this from a mothod of a CProportiPage;

GetParent()->GetDlgItem(ID_WIZBACK)->SetWindowText( "Pluto" );
GetParent()->GetDlgItem(ID_WIZNEXT)->SetWindowText( "Pippo" );
IssacJonesAuthor Commented:
Hi - I only put partially because you didn't specify which method it should be called from. Suppose I wanted the buttons to change text on different pages. Where would the best place to put the code?
mmmh, this is a new question...
Anyway you can override OnSetActive and change button text from there. Remember to call call the default version (CPropertyPage::OnSetActive) before any other processing is done
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