Sporadic emails display with header but won't download body?

Hi everyone,

We are running Outlook 2003 SP3 clients in an Exchange 2003 SP2 environment.
We use Exchange Cached Mode.

Occasionally a client will receive an email from a sender, that has successfully sent many other emails ok, but it will not open.

The email appears in the Inbox with the Header symbol but never downloads the full body.

If you double-click the email it gives an error message that "Outlook could not open this item" and nothing else.

The email displays header information ok but nothing from the body.

At first I thought it was a client side issue to do with cached mode but after both Deleting Offline Content for the Inbox then send/receive again and also creating a brand new OST file, it still doesn't work.

I then tried opening the item directly from OWA but it wouldn't open here either which led me to believe it was a server-side issue.

I thought maybe it was due to encoding, as the problem emails mostly come from Poland, but many other emails are successfully opened from the same sender and the issue has happened with other senders from other countries.

Could it also be something to do with an email sent from Outlook 2007/Exch 2007 to a client in Outlook 2003/Exch 2003?

Does anyone have any other ideas where we can direct our troubleshooting from here?

Thanks in advance.

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davidt67Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We have found the following from Microsoft:

"Problems may occur in a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Organisation when the header and body of an e-mail message are set to different character sets and the character sets do not belong to the same language group"

We believe this is what is causing the issue here.

Thanks though SysExpert
1) Check your Spam and content filters, as well as attachment filters on Exchange.

2) Check the logs, and see if you can do any debugging from them.

I hope this helps !
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