How do I get the SSIS "SQL Command" into my tool box?

O.K. - I admit I'm an SSIS rookie.  This is my forst SSIS project.

When I open Visual Studio, and say I want to start a new "Integration Services" project, I get a work bench and tool box as I expect.  In the tool box, I see transfermations like Pointer, Aggrigate, OLE DB Command. Pivot, Script and Sort - but I don't see a "SQL Command".  If I go to Management Studio and perform the export data scenario I want to do, save the SSIS .dtsx file, and then move that file to my SSIS project and open it, I see something with a Property Type of "Data Flow Component" and an Access Mode of "SQL Command".  How do I get this "SQL Command" object into my tool box?  Am I missing a DLL I need to assign or the like?

Thanks in advance.
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chapmandewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't use execute sql from the data from tab.  

If you could use it....what would you be trying to accomplish with it?  I've ran into a few situations like this, but I have ended up solving it by using another means in the data flow.
It is under the Control Flow Items toolbar and is named "Execute SQL Task"
In Control Flow there is Execute SQL Task available in the Toolbox. However, if you are going to transfer data between two data sources then you have to create Data Flow Task and put the data sources in it (SQL Command is then just one of the properties of data source).
jflannerAuthor Commented:

You are very close.  I have a dataflow task called "Copy Data".  It is the only thing in my Control Flow now.  And you guys are both correct, when in Control Flow I see the SQL Command in my tool box.  But when I go to my Data Flow task - where I want to use it - it is not there.  If I go to Control Flow - pick it out of the tool box and attempt to drop it on the Data Flow task, that does not work.  It simply drops it on top of the Data Flow - not in it.

I appreciate very much the help.  Please help me get these last 10 yards.
brejkConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Go to Dat Flow. From Toolbox drag some data source and data destination. Connect source and destination. Configure connections for both of them. Choose SQL Command in data source (instead of single table or view). Then configure column mappings between source and destination.
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