Saving a rotated image in VB

I am a VB newbie  

I previously posted a question on how to rotate an image in VB and I received this link as a solution:

The solution works great, I can rotate images any way I want now, but now I need to save the resulting image back to the original location.
Can someone help with that?
It needs to overwrite the original image in the original location that was loaded into Picture1.Picture.

I tried using :

SavePicture Picture2.Image, "c:\test.bmp"

But it saves only a grey image like the background of the PictureBox and not the actual image and it doesn't allow me to overwrite the original image (I do not know how to capture that variable...)

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FER_GConnect With a Mentor Commented:
EGormly, try to probe the next example... it works perfectly...


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EGormlyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, thats a start!
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