Firefox is fine but internet Explorer says "this address is not valid" ... all machines on a SBS 2003 network

I have been trying to sort an issue with a machine not connecting to the ConnectComputer scrip for a SBS domain setup and somehow have broken Internet Eplorer...?

I added the QOS service on the server's local NIC and now only Firefox will get on the web on ALL client machines, Internet Explorer says: This Address Is Not Valid.

Some DNS issue presumably but i can't figure it out..?

I removed QOS and reran CEICW but that didn't fix it :(

Any help would be appreciated. The same thing happens on teh server, FF works but IE doesn't...?


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grae-ukAuthor Commented:
ok...found that there was a proxy setting on the machine, removed that at it was fine...but should i remove that or should it really be there??  :)   IE is VERY slow!!!
There should only be a proxy server set in IE if you've got a proxy server on the network.  Is your SBS the Premium or Standard edition?  If it's Premium, then it includes ISA, which can function as a proxy server.  If it's Standard, then most likely you have no proxy, and the setting should be disabled in IE.  Basically, if things work the way they're suppoed to with the setting disabled but don't work with it enabled, leave it disabled.
grae-ukAuthor Commented:
It is the premium edition and I do have ISA2004 installed and it was working frustrating! Is there a way of reconfiguring ISA...seems strange that it suddenly doesn't work unless the proxy is removed..?
Sorry I didn't respond sooner.  I have very little experience with ISA 2004, but this looks like it might be a good place to start:

I don't think there's a special interface for ISA 2004 on SBS; I believe it's configured just like any other ISA 2004 server.

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grae-ukAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link, helped me on my way :)
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