Help Setting up a Distribution List in Exchange 2007

Hello all,

Here is what I need help with.  I have a user who was recently termed from the company.  My boss wants his emails forwarded to multiple receipients.  So, what I did was created a distribution list in Exchange, and added the members that I want to be in it.  I then went into the Mail Delivery Options in the User's account in Exchange and set that to forward mail to the distribution group I created.

I'm getting the following bounce back notice when I send emails to the termed users email box.  

"Your message wasn't delivered because of security policies. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator."

I'm not aware of a security policy that is set up in Exchange 07 that wouldn't allow this email to be forwarded on.  It works fine when I set the termed users account to forward directly to my email account.  The email is forwarded on with out any problems.  The problem arises when I try and forward that email to the new distribution list I created.

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I would have said the simplest way of resolving this issue as the user has now left the company is to remove his email address from his mailbox and add them to the newly created distribution list. Less work for Exchange as well.
northfieldwifiAuthor Commented:
I guess I don't understand how I would add an email address/mailbox to a distribution group?
Take a look at this artical
Remember before adding the email address to the distribution group you need to first remove it from the users account in ADUC

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northfieldwifiAuthor Commented:
I was setting my Dist lists up backwards.  It's working now!  Thanks
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