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I created a website using a template. I am editing it using dreamweaver CS3.

On the Contact Us page there is a section where the user can input their email address and message. There is a submit button next to the message box. How do I setup this submit button to send to my email address.

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Assuming your using windows to setup and send an email, please read the following link in a step-by-step process.


You have to have a script to process the form variables.  If your host supports PHP you can follow the example below.  Just create a new php page called something like mail.php.  Make your form action="mail.php" and put the following code in the mail.php page.  You will modify the variables with the NAME of your <input> boxes.
$recipient = "YourEmail@Address.com";
$subject = "Mailing List Request";
$FirstName = $_POST['FirstName']; // where FirstName is the NAME of your <input> field.
$LastName = $_POST['LastName'];
$emailAddress = $_POST['emailAddress'];
$msg = "FirstName: $FirstName\n";
$msg .= "LastName: $LastName\n";
$msg .= "emailAddress: $emailAddress;
mail("$recipient", "$subject", "$msg", "From: YourEmail@Address.com");

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Just to take things back a level and to clarify rbudj's post, you need a server-side scripting language to process and send form data.  The template will be designed to look okay on screen but will not have the processing functionality built-in.  Both experts above have provided examples for different server-side languages, and your choice is one of many - ASP, PHP, ASP.NET etc etc.
Either way, you'll have to check with your server hosting company to see which (if any) scripting language is set up to run.

You can see how the template designer did a bit of visual trickery there with their design... ;-)
zyanjAuthor Commented:
none of these work I have decided to just use a hyperlink

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