Formatting of new Array in 1+0

hello all,

just would like to get a general idea on my servers resources if I need to format 2 disks in a 1+0 array.  Iis very CPU intensive ?  This is my SQL server as well for our ERP

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A 1+0 array is a 4 disk array.
A RAID1 array is 2 disks
A RAID0 array can be 1 or 2 disks.
RAID1+0 would require 4 disks.
Are you running software or hardware RAID card?

Formatting doesn't generally take much CPU power either...
heddieAuthor Commented:
hi m,

1+0 on 2 disks.. the array is built... now just the formatting..u sure I need 4 disk??  as mentioned, the array is done.

its on a compaq 4330 array controller so hardware.

Taken straight from Wikipedia :)

RAID 0+1: striped sets in a mirrored set (minimum 4 disks; even number of disks) provides fault tolerance and improved performance but increases complexity. The key difference from RAID 1+0 is that RAID 0+1 creates a second striped set to mirror a primary striped set. The array continues to operate with one or more drives failed in the same mirror set, but if two or more drives fail on different sides of the mirroring, the data on the RAID system is lost.
RAID 1+0: mirrored sets in a striped set (minimum 4 disks; even number of disks) provides fault tolerance and improved performance but increases complexity. The key difference from RAID 0+1 is that RAID 1+0 creates a striped set from a series of mirrored drives. In a failed disk situation RAID 1+0 performs better because all the remaining disks continue to be used. The array can sustain multiple drive losses as long as no two drives lost comprise a single pair of one mirror.

If it is 2 disks you have, then you are probably running RAID1, mirroring.
If you have set them up (somehow) as 1+0 with only 2 disks, the array should be in a critical state? Have you got some sort of Raid Manager to allow you to see the state of these drives?

Perhaps it's just being reported incorrectly.. Since you are running a hardware array, it should not take much (very little) CPU power.

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>its on a compaq 4330 array controller so hardware.

No such animal, 4200 maybe. It's intensive on the RISC CPU imbedded on the RAID controller, the server CPU doesn't do anything except issue a command to kick the initiation off and monitor its progress from time to time.

Ignore the RAID 1+0 Vs RAID 1 issue, that's just terminology of the array configuration utility. Officially it is RAID 1 but as far as the GUI is concerned it is 1+0.
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