ASP.Net/C# - Radiobutton, anyway to deselect a radio button in a group to have none selected?

Hi all.  I am trying to not change these controls to checkboxes but I have a radiobutton with a groupname.  Is there anyway I can allow the user one they select one to unselect it so there is none selected of that group?
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Once a radio button is selected/enabled in group you can not deselect it.  The
What about creating an extra radio button with (No Selection) or (None) next to it for the user to select?
sbornstein2Author Commented:
ya I might do that none.  I will try that in a bit.
sbornstein2Author Commented:
what about a checkboxlist?  See what I do is in code I create the radiobuttons dynamically and then set the groupname to it all in code.  Checkboxes dont have a groupname I beleive so is there a way to have a checkboxlist item in place of the radio button?
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The checkbox and checkboxlist don't have the groupname property.  
Are you only generating one radiobutton per group?  If you are generating more then one item per group then with the checkboxlist the user will be able to check more then one item.

you can do this with radio buttons, all you need is a little client-side scripting.

for each Radio Button in the group, add the following onclick attribute, for example:
RadioButton1.Attributes.Add("onclick", "if (checkedRadio == this) { this.checked = false; } else { checkedRadio = this; }");
RadioButton2.Attributes.Add("onclick", "if (checkedRadio == this) { this.checked = false; } else { checkedRadio = this; }");

then, in your ASPX page, add the following script inside the <head> tag:
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
        var checkedRadio;

this will cause the currently selected radio button to get deselected whenever it is clicked again. hope it helps.

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Just a heads up, when using the javascript you provided you run into some interesting issues-  
Try to click the first radiobutton 3 times or select 2 then click on the first one again ( you will have to double click).

I think your code is on the right path though, my only concern would be user experience.
ah yes, well spotted bmcvicar, resetting the checkedRadio variable once a radio button is "deselected", so that it can be selected again, should fix this.

the javascript to execute in the onclick event then becomes this:

if (checkedRadio == this) { this.checked = false; checkedRadio = null; } else { checkedRadio = this; }
sbornstein2Author Commented:
Thanks guys sorry it too me so long to grade this.  I went with another option but I think I am going to change to this.    Thanks alot.  I will post if I have any issues.
I added to the js which fixes the issue with clicking the radio button multiple times.

if (checkedRadio == this) { this.checked = false; checkedRadio = null;} else { checkedRadio = this;}

By setting checkedRadio to null, you are able to select the radiobutton, then deselect, and then select again.
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