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I'm creating my first commercial website using Dotsters Windows Server Hosting solution.  It includes PHP, ASP, .NET support along with MSSQL and MySQL databases that can be created from a GUI control panel.  After installing MyPHPAdmin I found out that the hosting plan already includes this.  I found a few good php / mysql tutorials, but they dont relate to the UI I have with Dotster.  I want to create a site wide template page and have my items and descriptions pulled from the database instead of making a new page for each product.  Basically I'm just looking for more tutorials or advice on setting this up using the Dotster UI.
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dr_dedoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you dont need Dotster UI at all except for creating your database and add some user to it, the rest is independent from UI. you create your own files and upload them to the site using FTP, you manage db via phpMyadmin. I mean all your relation with your published site are via ftp and phpmyadmin. i am sure Dotster  has provided you with enough data how to connect to your site via ftp.
for creating your site, you need to create it on your development machine, and when done, upload it to the server
i also recommend that you use some ready made Content management system (CMS) so that you can publish your data fast and easy, you could use joomla, or bambo.
if you need to develop your own, have a look here
Cornelia YoderConnect With a Mentor ArtistCommented:
Most likely, you can ignore the Dotster UI and use basic scripts and database through phpmyadmin.  Check with the webhost and see if there would be a problem doing that.
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