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GPO and Windows 2003 Server

I want to control the computer firewalls on all of our workstations. I have tried using GPO but it does not seem to work.

I have a GPO called 'RSSP' and under that I have an OU called 'USERS'.  I have the 'Default Domain Policy' in 'RSSP' and a few others under 'USERS'. According to Group Policy Modeling a setting I have to control the users firewall should work, but, when users logon the GPO is NOT applied.

In 'RSSP_FIREWALL' i have 'disabled' protecting the computers internet connection'.

According to the Modeling the GPO 'RSSP_FIREWALL' is the winning GPO which should be the case.  Why would modeling show this to work and yet it doesn't.

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1 Solution
Have you run GPUDATE and restarted the machines ?
Are you setting the policy under Computer Settings?
If so its the computers that need to be in the OU rather than the users
As KCTS has stated, that GPO must be applyed to the OU with the computers.  The only thing you need to enable to get it to work is:
computer config - admin tempates - network / network connection - prohibit use of ICF on your DNS domain network.

This will fail if you have internal DNS servers that are not the DNS servers issued by the DHCP or if the users have static DNS address enteries.
jwhiteman1967Author Commented:
Figured it out.... Did not have the computers in an OU.

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