How do I disable server from requesting a core dump when server abends?

I want our server to recover (if it can) from an abend.  Instead when it abends it sits at a screen waiting for user input.  The server is requesting input to write to the abend log and reboot or continue.

The server is acting as if the SET auto restart after abend is set to 0.  However, auto restart after abend is set to 1.

Any ideas?
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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check to see if the developer option is set.  It should be "off."

Can you recall the exact wording of the request for input when there is an abend?

Is there enough room on the DOS partition to write the abend.log?  (the abend info goes to the DOS partition, then gets appended to the file in SYS: after the server restarts.)
Does it abend that often?  Why?

Anyway, if you type "SET AUTO RESTART AFTER ABEND" at the console, it says it's set to 1?  Are you checking it in NoRM settable parameters, too, just for kicks?  

Do you have DOSFAT.NSS loaded?  Maybe it's automatically setting auto restart after abend to 0, since having auto-restart on with dosfat.nss loaded can cause dos partition corruption...
CCLProTechAuthor Commented:
Server does not abend often but when it does it's been different nlm's (java, server.exe and comn).

Yes, Auto Restart after abend is set to '1' at console using SET command and in NoRM

DOSFAT.NSS is not loaded.

I am not understanding what else could be causing this to occur as setting auto restart after abend to 1 usually resolves this issue.

Any other ideas?

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CCLProTechAuthor Commented:
The Developer option was set to on, I set it to off.

Cannot recall exactly but basically there were three options:
1, create log and continue
2 ?
3. press x to create core dump

Plenty of room on DOS partition for abend.log

What does the Developer option do?  Maybe that was the problem?

It very possibly was.

The developer option is made for developers to more easily debug their programs in testing, as they're developing them.  It can actually cause spontaneous abends that would not otherwise happen, if used in a production environment.
CCLProTechAuthor Commented:
Ok.  We'll let it ride and see what happens.

Thanks for the help!
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