test for null value in returned datareader column

Hello Experts;

I am trying to test for null values in my datareader after returning a successful query.  Gathering information from other solutions found on this site, I managed to put together the below test.  It is not quite right, however, as I get an error message on run-time.  

If drPhysicalAddress.GetString(drPhysicalAddress.GetOrdinal("AptSuite")).IsNullOrEmpty = True Then
                        txtPhysicalAddressAptSuite.Text = ""
                        txtPhysicalAddressAptSuite.Text = drPhysicalAddress.GetString(drPhysicalAddress.GetOrdinal("AptSuite"))
                    End If

Argument not specified for parameter 'value' of 'Public Shared Function IsNullOrEmpty(value As String) As Boolean'.      

Is there a better way to test for null value?  What am I doing wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your time.
gwosgoodIT MgrAsked:
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I think you need to rearrange it:


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gwosgoodIT MgrAuthor Commented:

I made the changes you specified and now it is telling me that IsNullOrEmpty is not declared.  Do you know what I have to import or reference in order to use this function?

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gwosgoodIT MgrAuthor Commented:

Here is the change I made:

If String.IsNullOrEmpty(drPhysicalAddress.GetString(drPhysicalAddress.GetOrdinal("AptSuite"))) = True Then

Now it says the specified cast is not valid.  Any ideas?
What about:

If String.IsNullOrEmpty(drPhysicalAddress("AptSuite").tostring) = True?

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gwosgoodIT MgrAuthor Commented:

thanks gnar, that worked for some reason.  

I appreciate everyone's support.
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