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after a backup is executed, domino lotus notes clients email are not sent

briarsresort asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
Operating on Windows Server 2003. After being updated to SP5 for Veritas Backup Exec v10 Release 5484, then once a backup is started, Domino outgoing SMTP mail server stops sending client email. Domino server will not properly shut down (or takes so long, appears to not shut down) for recycling.
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This is clearly something you should take up as a support call with Symantec.


That's sound advice.


Thank-you for checking my question. I had contacted our external administrators and hoped someone would have an idea. They had to dig around quite a bit, contacting Lotus and Symantec and scoured the internet -- they resolved the major problem by changing settings within the Domino Server, then turned on the detailed log to see what else was going on.  As I said, they did contact Symantec, but I don't know if Symantec provided any help or if they ever replied to their inquiries. As you know, sometimes solutions are a composition of bits of information.

A further confusion was the sudden imposition of reverse IP checkup by several of our clients. We discovered that through the detailed log as one small ISP listed that as the reason our email was being rejected. (The province and several major corporations were not so helpful.) Our current provider, one of Canada's largest, is still in the throes of resolving that problem. Soon we can connect with our local community broadband company who resolved it long ago.
Best wishes.

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