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I have a user who is a delegate to her manager.  She receives his meeting notices and creates meeting on his behalf. Settings appear to be okay, however, the manager has way too many delegates in which  I'm trying to get her to cleanup.  The issue is that on the delegates calendar, she has a copy of the meeting in which she organized on behalf of her manager.  In fact, the meeting looks idential, with the exception of the subject shows "Copy of" in front of the actual subject.  I have not come up with a way in which Outlook would put the "Copy of" in the subject.  We are also using Exchange conferencing server and wondered if that might have anything to do with it.  I've also tried to copy the meeting from the mangers folder to another calendar folder to see if it would add the "Copy of" but no luck.  She insists she did not add that as part of the subject.  Any ideas....????
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EE_AutoDeleterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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giffAuthor Commented:
I think I have found the answer.  Looks like there is a post-sp3 hotfix for Outlook 2003 for this issue.  

A meeting request cannot be updated after the Blackberry desktop service has added properties to the request
When you try to send an update to a meeting request, the meeting request is not updated. Additionally, you receive the following error message:

The item could not be saved because it has been changed by another person. Do you want to save a copy in your default Calendar folder? If you click Yes, you need to copy and paste your changes from the "copy of" item in your default folder into a new update for this meeting.This problem occurs when the following conditions are true:

"       The Blackberry desktop service is enabled.    
"       The Blackberry desktop service has added five properties to the appointment.

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