How to extract name/value pair from config file from DOS batch script?

Hello World,

I've been working on a DOS batch script that needs to get the name of a log file from a configuration file.

The config file is set up as a name/value pair file as follows:


Now I can find the right parts using this command:

> find "prog.varone" myconfigfile.cfg

the output of this looks somthing like this:


And I know I can extract only the second line of this output using something like this:

> for /F "skip=2 delims=" %%a in (%~fs1) do echo %%a

But I'm not sure how to tie it all together and strip off the left side of the "="... I would ultimately like to have this:

> echo The value of the configuration is: %workingvariable%

to output:

> The value of the configuration is: prog'svalue1

Any ideas?
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Farhan KaziSystems EngineerCommented:
Copy and paste following code into notepad and save it with any name having .cmd extension.

Then Click Start -> Run -> Cmd.exe -> OK
FileFind.cmd "prog.varone" myconfigfile.cfg

Hope this helps!
SET FindStr=%1
SET FileName=%2
IF NOT EXIST "%FileName%" ECHO "%FileName%" file not found. &&EXIT /B 0
FOR /F "tokens=2 delims==" %%v IN ('FIND /I %FindStr% "%FileName%" ^|FIND "="') DO (
	ECHO The value of the configuration is: %%v)

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bganoushAuthor Commented:

It didn't work right away, I had to add quotes around "%FindStr%"...  Without the quotes, I get a messages saying that the "%FindStr%" is not found: (Strange)

File not found - PROG.VARONE

The only problem now is that if I have two or three variables with almost the same name like:


then the script pulls out all the variables, not only the one I'm interested in.
Try this; the dirty work is in a subroutine so that you can call it easily:

@echo off
set ConfigFile=myconfigfile.cfg
:: *** Call the subroutine; 
:: *** first argument: the name of the var in the config file to look for
:: *** second argument: the batch variable that should have the value assigned.
call :ReadConfig prog.varone VarOne
echo Value for prog.varone: %VarOne%
call :ReadConfig prog.varone VarTwo
echo Value for prog.varone.sublog: %VarTwo%
REM other parts of your script follow here ...
:: *** Subroutines start here; no changes below this line
goto :eof
for /f "tokens=2 delims==" %%a in ('type "%ConfigFile%" ^| find /i "%~1="') do set %2=%%a
goto :eof

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