blade servers usage

Hi Experts,

1] Can I use HP blade server as a regular server without chassis etc ?
   Just by connectiong to power outlet and internet connection.
2] If no what else in general has to be present ?

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In general I'd say no.  You'll need to provide DC power, LAN connectivity and mass storage (if you need more then the installed drives) and squeeze it all into a proprietary connector.
fpoyavoAuthor Commented:

There are blades working from regular 110v line and I know that.
In terms of LAN what is that exactly you meant ?
LAN is LAN and if I have any switch using Ethrnet I think it should work.

Your comment : and mass storage (if you need more then the installed drives) and squeeze it all into a proprietary connector.

Blades have their own SCSI drives what storage you are talking about ?

Anybody else ?
Blade servers have to go into a blade enclosure which provides power, fans and I/O.

I suspect you have 1U servers and are just using the wrong terminology (especially as you say DL in the tags). DL360, DL365, DL320 etc are normal 1U servers but you need nothing special to hold them although you ought to put them in a 19" rack. will show you the difference, blades on the left, DL in the middle. DLs are just like any other server except a bit flat.

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