Change the cursor on specific parts of the Flexbook/Flipbook

Hey experts!

Today I've learn how to work with the cursors in Flex from various forums and webpages, but I have a problem including it in my project.

I'm doing a customize version of Ely Greenfield' Flexbook (with the Landscape Zoomer) and I'd like the cursor to change when the cursor is over specific components of the book:

- When the cursor is over the pages of the book, I'd like to make it a magnifying glass (not sure it's the right word in english) so the user knows he can zoom it.
- When the cursor goes over the edge of the page (I've set a "activeGrabArea: edge;" and "edgeAndCornerSize="150""), it should becomes a little hand.
- Anywhere else on the screen should be normal cursor.

You can check the code I've done so far, but before going further, I'd like to know if what I want to do is realistic and possible? If yes, anyone knows how to determine where the cursor is and how to call the function to change it?

Thanks a lot for the help and have a nice day.

/* So far, I have done the code to handle only 1 type of cursor, the Zoom*/
import mx.managers.CursorManager;
// Embed the SWF that will be used as 
// the custom cursor.        
private var cursor:Class;
private var cursorID:int;  
private function init():void{
  /* This is the function called on the creationComplete event */
  /* The book is the Flexbook object */
private function showCursor(e:MouseEvent):void{
  cursorID = CursorManager.setCursor(cursor,2,-5,-5);
private function removeCursor(e:MouseEvent):void{
<qs:FlexBook id="book" 

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yes, possible. i'll take a look, maybe we need to change the source code.
I did it, but needed to change flexbook source code and it is a little tricky. I'll send you the updated flexbook class, so you replace there. I added 2 new events: inEdge and outEdge. Also added a public property "turnedCorner".
Here I'm doing the cursor change to busyCursor cause I do not have a zoom cursor image at hand.

Then add the methods below to your app, and call them in the flexbook component

public  function inEdgeHandler():void{		
	if(book.turnedCorner != 0){
public  function outEdgeHandler():void{		

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The_Kingpin08Author Commented:
Fantastic, I wuuld never have been able to do this all alone.
Thanks a lot for the great help!
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