How to empty a huge 5gb mailbox in exchange 2003?

I recently took over administrating a Exchange 2003 server. The system has reached its 75gb mailstore limit. One mailbox designed to store spam "Spam filter mailbox" has reached 5gb in size. I need to empty this mailbox. I have tried to use exmerge to empty the mailbox. It starts off okay, and then stalls around 125mb. It never recovers no matter how long you keep it connected. I know the utilty works. Ive emptied the administrator's mailbox at 1.5gb and it worked fine. Ive tried setting up an outlook profile to POP the mailbox. When it tries to download the mail, it also stalls and then time outs after 5 minutes or so. Other than deleting the mailbox, any other ideas on how to empty this mailbox?
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From a workstation on the network, can you setup an exchange account in Outlook 2000-2007? Don't run it in cached mode just connect directly. See if you can delete the mail that way.
Michael WorshamStaff Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Is it possible to take the Exchange edb/stm offline and do an offline defrag to it maybe to free up space?
That would be a good first step but could take many, many hours depending on your hardware.
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MajorDmpAuthor Commented:

 Your recommending me, to setup a outlook profile on a workstation, and try connecting to the SPAM FILTER mailbox and then try deleting the email. The mailbox is currently at 800,000 messages. Can I just pop the mailbox or i need to acces the mailbox via regular exchange protocol?
You could but as you said it locks up. If you connect via an exchange profile in non-cached mode you will be deleting directly from the server. In cached mode it will pull a copy to the workstation (argh). Make sure you empty the deleted item periodically during the process. There is probably a deleted items retension policy in place but this will get you started.
The other problem you have is the overall size. At some point you need to archive or delete users mail. Take a look at GFI for that.

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If you have administrative rights, logon to your exchange account through outlook and from the file menu choose open, other users folder and choose the spam mailbox, delete all the emails.
If you want to keep the emails but just emty the mailbox, create a profile on your outlook for the spam mailbox murgroup suggested, make sure that the exchange cached mode is unchecked, once you login, try to archive all the emails into a pst file through outlook---->other---->auto archive.


Why not do this the easy way, right click on the account, exchange tasks, delete mailbox - then wait a minute, and re-create the mailbox.

Doing it from outlook, or exmerge, or even (confusingly) an offline defrag, is a waste of time.
Kieran_b: Brilliant! Exactly what I was looking for.
Stanley HonourManager Information SystemsCommented:
Excelent suggestion Kieran_b,  I was able to do some deletions the outlook 2003 mailbox way, but there is a buffering problem even when it is not cashed.   The mail store can only handle less than 4000 emails at a time.   Try to go at or over 4000 and it will crash on you every time.
This is not good when you have over 900,000 emails to delete.
Question, when you have exchange divided into several edb  segments; when you re-create the spam mailbox, will it go to the same segment?   In our setup, the spam mailbox has it's own dedicated edb file.   The trouble with out exchange 2003 setup in general is that we had a real exchange wizzard created it.   Very customized, but now he is no longer available.
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