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I have Cisco Call Manager 4.3. When I check the log file I found only the last 100 entry of calls. I want to configure CDR to enable me to watch all the entry during a certain period. May be every month. How can I do that?
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Have you installed the CDR Analysis and Reporting plug-in?  

On the CM server, in CallManager Administration, go to Applications-> Install Plug-ins.  It's down the list, just click and install it.


after i install plug-ins . what i should to do to make my log file entry every month?

Are you wishing to watch real-time activity or run a report (say once a month) to see the calls?
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how can i do both ?
Have you checked out the various guides available?

The CDR tool can be configured to generate daily/weekly/monthly reports.  You just need to set up the scheduling for when to genereate the data.  Then you can go in and run reports.  You could configure it to run hourly, but depending on the size of your org. it could use up alot of resources that then would affect call activity.

For real-time data the RTMT (Real-time Monitoring Tool) is another program available in the plug-in menu.  It doesn't give specific call details (ExtA calling number 1232312) but does give number of calls, attempted calls for the CallManager, as well as lots of other info.

You could look at the Attendant Console and that I think would show you who is calling who live.  That takes some configuating to set up.  I've played with it somewhat, but don't know all the in's and out's.
Install CDR analysis and reporting on your publisher server from CallManager plugins.

Go to CallManager/Service/Service Parameters
Choose the server on which you are enabling CDR, select CallManager service, under system section, set CDR Enabled Flag to True.

Go to CallManager/System/Enterprise Parameters
Enter appropriate values under CDR Parameters section. I suggest using database to store CDRs not text files.

Open CDR Analysis and Reporting from Cisco CallManager Serviceablity/tools
Set up as many parameters as you can. In some versions of callmanager, CDR won't work if some specific data in this panel is not configured.

This way you will have the CDR service enabled. Call detalis will be placed in database and you can generate simple reports from the CDR Analysis and Reporting panel.

CDR data will be inserted in SQL in CDR database/CallDetailRecord table. For generating monthly reports, the best idea is to export/replicate this table to another computer and do the reporting or analysis. There are number of third party applications for this purpose, like those generating individual bills. You can easily make your own application though. I am not an Access expert but I have wrote my own billing application in Access so you should be able to do it too.

I do warn you not to run reports that require huge resources on your callmanager server as it may affect call quality or even it might cause end points getting unregistered.

Any admin care to close this thread?
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