The Remote Session was dissconnected because there are no TS License Servers available to provide a license

I have a remote user that is getting "The Remote Session was dissconnected  because there are no TS License Servers available to provide a license" and is disconnected when he tries to connect. I have looked at the TS License Server and do not see where I have exceeded my 30 License limit. Any Info would be appreciated.
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Cláudio RodriguesConnect With a Mentor Founder and CEOCommented:
First of all make sure the TS can indeed see the licensing server. You can set in the TS registry the licensing server it must grab licenses from. Check here:

Secondly, try deleting the MSLicensing registry key on that user PC. This will erase whatever expired license he has and once he tries connecting again a new temporary license, good for 90 days, will be issued.

Cláudio Rodrigues

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Windows Server - Terminal Services
This issue looks like the license issued server is not responding or so but just to check here you got license per user if son make sure you have enabled  the setting on license manager to license per user if you have done this already then
check for the lecense server basically in our case its our exchange server holding license but check in ur case and just adda that it should be fine then
I have seen this type of thing if the user does not have rights on the local machiine.  In order to get the licence it has to write to the registry, guest and user accounts can't write to the registry so they can't get the license.  Try logging on to the machine as an administrator and launch the TS session.  It should get the licence and then you can log off and let the local user log back on.  I am sure there is a KB article on this somewhere that probably has a better solution but this may be a quick workaround.
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