Resizing photos dynamically in ASP.NET and C#

I am looking for some code to get me started in resizing photos.  Users uploaded photos of any size, with just a restriction of 3 mb.  The height and width can be of any size.  So when the users click on the thumbnail of the image, their original photo is displayed and it usually is of a size that is bigger than the web browser and the users have to scroll horizontally and vertically to see the photo.  What I'm looking to do is resize/recrop the the photo so that it is more manageable to view.  I'd like to be able to open a popup web browser at a certain size, say 600 pixels, and have that as the base for the photo to be recropped around.  Obviously the photo can't be recropped to 600x600 or it would be distorted one way or another.  Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance....
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this function is one way of scaling an image.

should be fairly easy to calculate the scale you should be scaling at to get to a desired target width/height...

scale = targetWidth / originalWidth or targetHeight / originalHeight
        private Image ScaleImage(Image image, double scale)
            Image result = new Bitmap(image, new Size((int)(image.Size.Width * scale), (int)(image.Size.Height * scale)));
            return result;

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