How to only get one entry per record when there are multiple entries? I just want the first entry per person.

I am designing a report in SRS but need help with the following issue:

In my list of values I have 2004 records but only have 931 distinct names. My table looks like this:

name,    place                   day
smith      bathroom            12/04/2007
smith      bedroom              12/05/2007

What I need is to have only one smith come up with the most recent day to come up. Distinct wont work because i would get both entries. So I need one entry per name. I was thinking of using a self join but I could not figure out how to implement it.

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erikTsomikSystem Architect, CF programmer Commented:
select * from tblname a left join b where and some date functions
select name, max(date) from table
group by name
richeckerAuthor Commented:
I probably was not clear enough...

Here is my table:

first name      last name       address                 city                        dob
john               smith               111 e street          hicksville               01/01/1950
john               smith               111 e st                hicksville                01/01/1950

The address fields are similar but the names will come up twice when querying because of the two separate addresses. How do I only get one name and only one address to come up. Max didnt work.
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richeckerAuthor Commented:
The left join did not seem to work either.
select name, max(address), max(date) from table
group by name

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distinct first name, last name , address,city,
group by first name, last name, address, city

But I am confused with your address
-      If the addresses in the DB are 111 e street and 111 e st then those are two distinct addresses, hence it will be count in to two rows.
-      If your table has the two addresses spelled in the above manner and still those are mean to be one address, then, it is a data issue, which is out of the scope that we are talking here.

 Any feedback will be appreciated.
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