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At our company we are constantly sending confidential files that are up to 2gb.  We cannot use a free service like yousendit or whatever since they are FDA regulated documents.  That said, I have a webserver & a DSL line that will be dedicated for these file transfers.  I would like to find a web-enabled uploader similar to that has the ability for someone to go to the page, upload a file & then receive a link to send to anyone that needs that file.  Some components I am looking for are:

1) Simple to use
2) File-deletion after 7 days
3) Secure
4) No-file list
5) Password protection?

It will be running on an IIS 6 machine, so if you can please keep that in mind.  I am not an advanced web person, so I am looking for something that would be relatively easy to implement, or at least have good documentation.  I have PHP installed if need be.

Please advise.

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Not sure if installing a CMS will be too much trouble for you, it will also add a lot more functionality. DotNetNuke will run nicely for this type of thing. It will also help manage lots of other things. It is web based and if you are using Active Directory windows authentication it will be pretty secure. Even if you aren't it still has built in security in the form of username and password. Notifying the user would have to be done in a different manner. Its free though. I also did a little research and found this site that offers some software a bit similar to what you are looking, but I've never implemented it myself; just a thought:
I don't think you'll find an all-in-one pre-built solution that works this way, with file-seizes around two gigs there would have to be some IIS tweaking involved as well as the Server-side app that sends the file data would need to be strengthened against timeouts and other unforeseen events for files of that size.

I would recommend a mash-up of the following:
FTP Client/Server for upload/download (FileZilla?)- provides you with everything on your list except automated deletion, for that you'll need to download something like a Windows Janitor...

If you really want web based tool, then search for something that uses a Java Applet like:

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