outlook client can't send to yahoo server through symantec endpoint protection firewall?

have symantec 11.x endpoint protection on a sbs 2k3 server, clients are xp, site uses yahoo pop3 to their outlook, port 587 on the way out... this is blocked by the symantec firewall (if i turn symantec off at the client, it works). the client stuff is push down, and so all policies are created at the server. i tried putting in a policy to allow 587 tcp both ways, to no avail. the message is a timeout in reaching the email server... what more info do you need to assist here?
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10sionConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
ok, sorry this took so long to get back on, and i won't go in to why (TMI)... had to replace complete symantec version (which means my install disks are useless - well, there's skeet...); after which the new version would not update properly (their comment: i probably corrupted the definitions; my comment: - after using "cleanwipe" - their removal product?); had to use yet another product to force feed updates - side note: if updates doesn't work, the product turns itself off - nice, eh? awaiting now to see if this fixes the issue, and future updates will work on their own... tune in next time, same bat-time.... oh but wait!!! email works, so i suppose i should go ahead and close this... while my own fun with them may not be finished, the focal thread should be.
call Symantec, and have them check the issue out.

You might want to check the Symantec support site first for similar issues.

Or it could be that you have GPO policy issues.

I hope this helps !
10sionAuthor Commented:
interestingly, went to the yahoo site, which says it's ok to use 25.... changed on one box and seems to be fine, yet this is apparently not a good solution for yahoo. i am in the process of drafting a msg to symantec, since it appears from their web site that they prefer dollars to free calls... even tho this is a setup issue... btw, as a side note, i had to disable their product to allow folks to join the domain... nice, eh? (yes, a separate and past topic).  btw, am now getting "server was interrupted" msgs again... this is the failure msg from before. oh well, back to the drawing board! guess symantec doesn't want me to send email!! (honest, when it's off, all is well)
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Port 25 should be fine to use, it is normally the ISP that blocks it and normally only for residential clients.

If using port 25 works then go that route.

I am curious why you don't use exchange to send emails though?
10sionAuthor Commented:
i wish it was my choice!! this was  a site that had peer to peer, using one of the desktops as a desktop and server... and i am bringing them slowly into the land of servers and networks... they cut back from the original pkg i presented fairly severely, so ended up with hp dl360 w/dual xeon's, sbs 2k3, hp procurve, nice enclosed rack, rack mount ups, n- wireless (this is the next fun... we're in a church built in the 1800's - walls are 2 feet think rock and concrete... wireless? you bet!!). i am external help here.
10sionAuthor Commented:
went to support... they want me to update and reinstall symantec. will get back when this is done. they think that symantec app is corrupt... either that or....
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