why does NVIDIA change screen resolution when I change users in my PC

I"m running windows XP, Explorer 7 and NVIDIA.  Since NVIDIA was installed, I am having problems changing from user to user without screen resolution changing to max zoomed resolution.  I can't change it back unless I reboot.  If I uninstall NVIDIA from PC, all works fine.  I need NVIDIA to play games for grandkids, or I would just not use it.  Any thoughts???
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the users have different local rights, right?
try giving all users local admin rights
Which drivers are you using? Get the latest ForceWare drivers from nVidia's website and install them while logged into the Administrator account. Set the screen resolution you want, then reboot. The resolution should be applied to all users.
Ooops, here:

Also, users should not need Local Admin.
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leppertAuthor Commented:
Switched all users to full admin rights - no change
Updated nVidia drivers - no change
  Here's a little more detail to what happens.
I boot PC to my user site '1'.  I can switch to users 2 or 3 with no problem and about half of the time comes back to '1'  OK.  If that happens and I go back to another, sometimes resolution changes then  and sometimes not until I go back to user '1'.  No set pattern.
When resolution changes, it goes to 640 x 480.  If I try to change it back manually, it won't do it (almost like it doesn't recognize the resolution choices to switch to).   I just stays there.   I must reboot and it comes back up normally.
That is definitely strange. Have you scanned for malware? Download and install SuperAntiSpyware. Run it and see if there is any changes.


Also run a Trend Micro Housecall scan:

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leppertAuthor Commented:
Thanx for the help.  Actually SuperAntiSpyware solved, but I ran Housecall and it found more problems.  The common problem was ADWARE.  Don't know where it came from and how to keep it out.
Don't know what all to keep in my PC to fix all this stuff.  Thanx again!!!
No problem. Glad to help. Just remember, there is no single "perfect" antivirus software. You may have a full anti-virus solution installed, but that will not completely prevent you from getting infected; it will only HELP prevent it. If you notice strange doings, run a few different scans.

Glad you got it figured out =)

So leppert, did this really solve your problem? What do you think it was in the end? Just curious. Experiencing the same issue here, but this doesn't solve it.
leppertAuthor Commented:
This problem actually reoccured for me a few weeks after what I thought was a fix.  I talked to NVIDIA and they guided me thru a reinstall with various sysem checks that did work and is still working.  
Hope this helps.
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