Can not get Win2003 to go on the internet

My network 10.0.0.x, works fine. We have a Win2003 server with DHCP adn router for the internet.

We are installing a new server. I need to have both servers on the same network for a period of time while moving files and users.

I can not get the network to see my new server, even if I static the NIC card. If I DHCP the nic card, I can pring the new server, but it will not get on the internet (it will ping router,

Router/Firewall is a Watchguard X15.

I am out of ideas, I've tried just about everything.


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On the new server can you get name resolution for say (just ping it) and see if you get an IP address returned to you.  If not it is a DNS issue.  If you get the IP address then perhaps the Enhanced Security on the server is interfering, goto add/remove programs, windows components and remove it there.  Try those.
valleyautoAuthor Commented:
Here is the sreen shot

Microsoft Windows [Version 5.2.3790]
(C) Copyright 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ping

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>


Once again, I can get on the Internet if I let the new server get a dynamic address from the old server. I cannot get on with the new server if I do a static address, even if I copy all the subnet, gateway, DNS and WINS entries to the new server (with an available IP of course :)

I have tested with the DNS enabled and disabled on the new server, no go.
Set the static IP on the new server to the one you were assigned by DHCP and see if it goes.  Perhaps your firewall is blocking the IP outside of the scope.  Also is the above ping test from when you assigned a staic IP or DHCP.  If not on the static please try it on the static IP.
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One of the possible reasons  is that you are running out of user licenses and as a result cannot connect to the internet. WG smaller boxes like Firebox X Edge (entire family, including X15) comes with a pre-defined number of users which can connect to the internet.

The total number of available sessions is determined by the Edge model you have, and any upgrade licenses you apply. The number of licenses limits the number of sessions. To control the number of users at any time, close one or more sessions. When you close a session, you make that user license available for another user. Sessions can be closed in several ways:
" If you require users to authenticate, the Firebox User can manually log out and return his or her
" The Edge Administrator can close the session manually. He or she can close the session for a
individual user or close all sessions.
" If you require users to authenticate, you can assign a maximum timeout and an idle timeout for
each user.
" The Edge Administrator can set a global session maximum timeout.
" You must reboot the Edge to close all sessions.
License upgrades are available from your reseller or from the WatchGuard® web site:

When a user license is used User licensing works differently depending on whether Firebox User authentication is required to access the external network:

When user authentication is not required to access the external network

A user license is used when user authentication for access to the external network is not required
and the Edge allows traffic to be passed from a computer on the trusted or optional network to
the external network. When a user browses the Internet, the Edge adds the computer IP address
to a list of users. When the limit is reached, all further connections from computers are denied.
When user authentication is required to access the external network.

A user license is used when user authentication is required for access to the external network,
and a Firebox User authenticates. In this case a license is used as soon as a Firebox User
authenticates to the Edge, whether or not traffic is passed from the users computer to the
external network.

If a single computer makes both a wired and wireless connection to a Firebox X Edge Wireless at the same time, it uses two user licenses when it sends traffic to the external network.

A user license is not used when:
" Traffic is passed between the trusted and optional networks.
" Traffic is passed from a computer on the trusted or optional network to a computer on the other end of a Branch Office VPN.
" Incoming traffic of any kind is passed to the Edge protected network.

Traffic is passed from a computer to the Edge itself when no user authentication is required for access
to the external network.

Please check and update.

Thank you.

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valleyautoAuthor Commented:
I think you on to something with the X15, but i have one question.

How come I can DHCP from the old server and get on, but cannot with a static IP? Is the X15 and the old server working in tandom somehow?

I did not put in the old server, so there are some things in there that may be setup that I am not aware of.

It is Win2003 SBS
I think the old IP address is registered on X15 as one of the current users using one of the available license; if you force the license to get free I think this should solve the problem. Please make sure that in every case X15 internal IP should be the default gateway on the server.

Thank you.
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