hp 4050 printer firmware upgrade

We have an older hp printer, and I believe we need to update the jetdirect firmware.  Where do I go to get the firmware for the hp 4050tn laserjet printer?  
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The card the RJ45 plugs into is removable.  Try taking it out and reseating it.  If you can't communicate with it either via the network or using JetAdmin tools (download from the HP site if you don't have them already) then it is likely the card needs replacement, if this is a power surge problem it is likely only the JetDirect has gone bad and the printer should be OK.

It's simple enough to check if the printer is OK by bypassing the JetDirect card and connecting directly to the parallel or serial ports.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
On the principle of "if it ain't broke..."  why do you need to upgrade?

It will depend on the model of card in the printer.  Can you post the details?
(It should simply unplug)
If it is a 615n card you probably need to replace the card rather than trying to upgrade.
ThomasBallardITAuthor Commented:
What  card?  We are getting an error message and a diagnostic page prints out.  "An error has occured that has caused the HP JetDirect to reset."  
ThomasBallardITAuthor Commented:
poweroutage hath broken this printer.
Forced accept.

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