Can Response.Redirect also PostBack too?

I have an OnClick event that makes changes to files on the server and does a postback to itself. The  page doesn't reflect the changes of the file unless I do a Response.Redirect to the same page. This refreshes the page in a sense. The problem is that the form variables are lost after the response.redirect, so the page resets all the variables. Is there a way to carry the form variables along in the Reponse.Redirect so the form values retain their values when the page "refreshes" using the Response.Redirect?
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digital_thoughtsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What elements on the page need the "refresh" ? You may want to have a separate function that you can call that populates the item(s), and after your update, just call that function to do the "refresh"...
Another option would be to store the form variables in either the view state or session, and on the page load you populate the form.
bemara57Author Commented:
Ahh I think I can mess with the view state.. Thanks for the heads up!
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