I have a new Dell optiplex 755 and i need to image this machine with ghost. I want to map a networkdrive in dos so that i can run ghost.exe  thats in the server mapping..

Ive used [Admin Edit to remove this reference - Vee_Mod] all along and using the "Universal TCP/IP Network 6.01" tool. I cant get to the tools now as  it cannot load the cd drivers for this model. So I want to boot from  a USB mem stick now. And ive tried the diffrent format boot usb tools to have [Admin Edit to remove this reference - Vee_Mod] on usb, but it will not do it.

Ive tried the method stated in the "Bootable USB Memory Key Collection" package aswell as the explanations on [Admin Edit to remove this reference - Vee_Mod] site..And its not working..I either get no respons or it goes "Invalid system disk"

However, if i use the Ultimate boot CD and use the ubcd2usb cmd file to create the ubcd image on my usb flash drive, it works fine to boot with usb device and i get access to the ubcd tools.
But the network tools in ubcd sucks and it does not have recent nic drivers, so im not able to map to the server anyhow..

So my question is, would it be possible to use the format method for preparing the usb stick used in UBCD but have access to the [Admin Edit to remove this reference - Vee_Mod] tools? I notice ubcd format script uses linux, which seems to do the magic.

If this is too hard, i would like to know if i can add the correct cd drivers for optiplex 755 to the [Admin Edit to remove this reference - Vee_Mod] so that i can still use it?

Im on win XP


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I tried doing the same thing with an Optiplex 745 with the same tools and experienced the same thing that you did.  I have not played witht he 755 yet, but the way I was finally able to make it work, was to use Bart PE (since you are still running XP and I had to use the HP Boot Utility Tool from (

From there, you should be able to add any and all scripts and drive mapping.  

Let me know your thought please.
Use the UBCD4WIN and add ghost to it.

It should be possible to make this CD USB bootable (there's a tool included as far as I know to do that, or you can get it from the bartpe site).

[Admin Edit to remove this reference - Vee_Mod] is problematic on this site, as it comes with apps that aren't free and that breaches license agreements. For this reason we can't help with that.

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You can add whatever tools you want to a UBCD4WIN build.  Instructions on how to do that are on the site... if you don't see the drivers you need, just post a note to their forum and they will get them to work for you.

As for Ghost... why don't you use Acronis True Image BartPE version instead?

FYI, while I like [Admin Edit to remove this reference - Vee_Mod], there are a lot of things on that disk that violate or bypass licensing so I'd recommend that you stay away from it.  There are all sorts of other resources at that may help you as well.

I ran into the same problem at first on a 755 - Dell ships 755s with the "SATA Operation" setting in the BIOS set to AHCI by default. Changing this to ATA allowed the BootCD to correctly load and get past the errors when attempting to install CD drivers.

Now if I can get the right NIC drivers on there somehow...(if it's not 1 problem, it's another)
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