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PC can't connect to Network Resources

     We have a PC that got shut down improperly.  When it booted back up, it could not connect to the
network, even though the NIC says that it is working properly.
     I took it in to a Service Center for repair and they can't find anything wrong.  They are able to connect to the internet with it.
     I have tried everything I can think of.  
           - Re-loaded the NIC drivers
           - Verified the TCP/IP settings (even changed from Static IP to our DHCP server)
          -  I just formatted the drive and re-loaded Windows XP from a new CD.
         -  Tried different network jack locations.
     The weird thing is that I can ping some PC's from it, but not all.

     When I tried to join the domain, I get "This operation returned because the timeout period expired".  Error code 0X000005B4 ERROR_TIMEOUT.

     When I go into services and try to start the Netlogon service, it says "The Net Logon service on Local Computer started and then stopped."

     I don't know what else to try.

     Does anyone have any ideas.

Thanks very much,

1 Solution
Formatting and reinstalling the OS eliminates configuration issues as the problem
Trying different network ports eliminates a bad port on the switch (if you aren't just re-patching to the same port. If you are, try a different port switch)
You need to eliminate NIC failure.

Do you have another old NIC, or maybe an in-use computer you can cannibalize a NIC from for a short bit to install a second NIC in this computer? If it works automagically, you know your hardware failed.

If it displays the same symptoms, we need to look at what is left in common with the old configuration.

The symptom of needing to hard reset the computer could have been caused by NIC failure.
Are you on a domain?  You might need to remove the old DNS entry for problem computer.
When you say network resources, are you refering to a mapped drive?
If so open mycomputer, goto tools--> disconnect network drive

it may be the drive is sitting there without a drive letter do you wont see it but causes problems.

have you tried a UNC path to the location, a UNC path is when you connect to a network location using \\servername\path...\

Can you ping the server you are connecting to?
tried release/renew on your ip?

are you on a domain?
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Check whether you're system Netlogon Service is started or not.   Also check whether u can ping the DNS server from your workstation, If it is, check make sure the NetBeui protocol is installed.  Are you using DHCP or static address?
At your domain server, goto "Active Directorey Service Users & Computers" and delete the record of the PC in question from the computer list. Then at the PC, try to join the domain again.
smullen0222Author Commented:
Thanks JoeFer.  I installed a new NIC and I can connect to the network now.  :)

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