Terminal Services setup

I have a PDC AHR01
I have a computer I loaded SERVER 2003 R2 on.  I named it AHR10

I bought 11 Terminal Services Licenses

What steps do I do to setup AHR10 as a terminal services host for people to log into?
John SmithersAsked:
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bhnmiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Need to install the terminal server license server on a server in the domain. You can do this in add remove programs windows components. After that you activate your lic, the wizard will walk you  through this. The wizard is located in the terminal server lic server.

Then you install terminal server on the server you will use as the TS from the add remove programs windows components.

Then you point the TS at the TS lic server.
aissimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's part 1 of a pretty good 2-part article that walks through the process:
lamaslanyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will also need to add the users you want to be able to connect to the terminal server to the 'Remote Desktop Users' group
John SmithersAuthor Commented:
Very good assistance from all of you!  The quick outline from bhnmi was very good.  Thanks to you all!
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