Transparent Proxy Services?

We are doing web development for international sites. In order to test these sites, we need to have an ip that belong to that country, otherwise the site will redirect us. We've been using some free transparent proxy that we can find on the web, but they are not very fast.

I found bunch of paid proxy server services, but they don't let you choice which country you want to connect as. They only provide at most 3 or 4 proxy servers.

Anybody know a good paid transparent proxy provider out there that we can use?

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Not all countries have public proxy servers or even paid proxy servers. And even when they have paid servers, they are not fast.

Also I AFAIK there is no company who owns it's own proxy server in every country and sell access to all of them. Most proxy lists that are sold are just randomly discovered public proxies in different countries.

You must be certain to what countries do you need.

Also I can't imagine a situation where web development even for international customers could require constant access to proxies from different countries. Because nothing then IP changes between them... If you like to include something like GEOIP in your project, you may use any 'fake' IP address from any country in your test lab inside LAN.

If your sites are really remote and you developing something remotely, you may include a 'proxy' code to that site, so you may test the site from the IP address of that site itself.

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How complicated are the web pages you are testing?  Mercury Interactive (now owned by HP) has a monitoring service based on their SiteSeer product.  Although the service does not allow you use the full function of the SiteSeer product, it does allow URL monitoring.

If you web stuff is fairly simple, you could sign up for this service and one of the options is to "monitor" URL's from various cities located around the world.

I have not looked at what all the URL monitoring can do, we just use it for simple "get this page" to verify that our server is up an accessible and to measure basic response time.
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andythedestroyerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for of your helps. For some reason I've always imagine that there are paid proxy services. Like nopius said, I can implement a "proxy" or "ip override" ability to test the site, but I just feel more comfortable to hit the site with a real ip and see if everything works the way it should be. I guess I have no choice but to get a server in these country and set up a proxy for my company's testing.

Thanx for all the help again.

Thank you for points, Kevin.

One more reason why there are no paid proxies worldwide is a paid traffic, that still exists in many countries. Even web hosters have a prepaid limit of downloaded megabytes for their clients.

If you need to have such proxy for some country, sometimes it's better to buy a shared web hosting from any of ISP's of that country, then put your proxy code there and use it, just don't overlimit your bandwidth. Now shared hosting is very cheap, starting from $2/mon. So even for all 183 (or so) countries it would be not so much to have your own proxy in every country.
And why it has not been done by some other company that could be a 'proxy' seller is the abuse to place public proxy by agreement that you accept when buying your hosting plan. Most ISPs have this abuse.
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